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My name is Eric Eraly, the International Press has heralded me as the "Stop Smoking Guru" because I've literally helped tens of thousands of smokers to stop smoking without any cravings or extra stress.

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You get a special 5-Part Video Series that will explain to you WHY you had so much difficulties so far to quit smoking and which FIVE easy steps you need to take to get rid of your "mental addiction". Once you make this mental shift, you can stop smoking without any cravings or having the feeling to
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  • ...THE reason why most smokers fail.
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  • ...why patches, gums etc really can't help you and cause 94.6% of smokers to restart the bad habit.
  • FIVE easy steps to become a FREE, Happy Non-Smoker.
  • ...the THREE typical characteristics of the "will-power" method and why this is so hard to do...
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The 5-part Video-Series about The Painless Stop Smoking Cure is one helpful when you actually watch the videos
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The free access is limited to those smokers who really want to stop smoking now without any cravings and without having the feeling of " giving up"...

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Eric Eraly
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P.S. Here are some statistics :

We did a ONE DAY life event of The Painless Stop Cure Program with a large group of prisoners
(YES, prisoners) ...ONE YEAR after the event, 86% of these hard-core smokers are still smoke-free.

2) We did another life event for a large group of over 150 pub owners... ONE YEAR after the event 74% of the participants are still smoke free.

Compare this to the average results of 9.4% when using these bogus pills (9.8%), patches (8.4%), gum (9,2%), hypnosis (just placebo effect around 5%), laser therapy (just placebo around 5%)...or 'willpower' (4.6%), when measured after ONE year.
(These are not the statistics they show you in their publicity...,in there they tell you about a success-ratio of 33% ( for pills, patches, gum, etc) after only 6 weeks. The reality , unfortunately, is that the succes-ratio drops below 10% over time...
(as you probably have experienced yourself ;-(

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I've been a chain-smoker myself for over 22 years before I discovered how easy it was to make that 'mental shift'. The difference is simply life-changing! I was euphoric! Finally FREE!

That's why I decided to write my book and compose this great Painless Stop Smoking Cure program, because every smoker should know how he can do exactly the same...

Thanks to the internet it's now available world-wide.

It's no longer a Secret European Stop Smoking Method.
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